Courses Taught

Geol-232 Mineralogy

Characterization of rock- and soil-forming silicate and non-silicate minerals (their crystallography, optical and physical behaviour, and crystal chemistry). The structural, chemical and genetic aspects of the crystalline state as displayed by minerals are considered. Implications of mineral properties for the engineering behaviour of soils and rocks, and for human needs, are discussed. Enrolment is limited.

Geol262 Geological Aspects of Mineral Deposits

The basic mineralogy and petrology of mineral deposits are examined. The formation and classification of mineral deposits, considering such aspects as tectonic setting, age, rock composition, geometry, and mineralogy are investigated. Emphasis is placed on the processes by which mineral deposits are formed and transformed, and their influence on mining and production. Laboratory work integrates geological information from the scale of hand samples to regional maps as tools to assist with mine design, estimation of ore grade and evaluation of issues related to ore processing.

Geol 300  Geological Field School

An intensive two-week course taken immediately after final examinations in second year (see Sessional Dates). Teams of students use geological field methods as the basis for an assessment of overburden and bedrock for a specific outcome. A final report is presented and defended.

Geol 352  Topics in Mineralogy

Through lectures, seminars and assigned readings selected topics in mineralogy are explored. Emphasis on the current literature and the details of mineralogical phenomena will lead to better understanding of petrologic systems.

Geol 452 Instrumental Techniques Applied to the Study of Solids

The theory and practical aspects of the techniques of X-ray powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy are studied. Other techniques including Mossbauer,  infra-red spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy will also be covered. An extensive term project is required  where the student employs these techniques to study a material of their choice.